5.[Program 2]Colonies, Interstellar And New adventures are being added.

5.[Program 2]Colonies, Interstellar And
is there something else being added?

Let’s explore the new science gameplay in Kerbal Space Program 2 version 0.2.0.

There are a total of nine different science experiments, including the Science junior and its smaller version, the Science junior junior. In Tier 1, you unlock environment science parts, while Tier 2 introduces atmospheric science packages.

Tier 3 brings the surface sample collection arm and radiation science package. Moving to Tier 4, there’s the orbital survey package and the U-Dunk-It for liquid environments. Science parts are interchangeable, and experiments yield data and samples.

Transmit data for points, but return samples to spend on the tech tree. Regions and landmarks offer additional science points. The tech tree has four tiers, so prioritize unlocking new science parts for more efficient missions. The game is in Early Access, so expect improvements.


Enjoy exploring the vast possibilities of KSP2!Future update plans?

Kerbal Space Program 2’s plans…

Looking at the roadmap, it’s far from over. Developers are already working on the next significant update, which is colonies and orbital construction. Colonies will empower players to construct outposts almost anywhere, allowing them to build bases locally and launch spacecraft right from there to explore new things on alien planets.

Speaking of construction, how will we be able to build these colonies? Will they be a single massive piece that needs to be dropped onto a planet? Do they require multiple deliveries of material and crew for construction? According to an old PC Gamer article, colonies will be able to produce new colonists through triggering ‘boom events.’

Colonies will require energy, and one form of generating this energy will likely be solar. Other forms include nuclear and fusion energy. Known buildings include the VAB, fuel factories, and parts to form some sort of pavement. Besides that, not much is known about additional modules we’ll be able to construct next to our colonies.

For more detailed information, check out the video

Kerbal Space Program 2 is a game developed by Squad, a game development studio based in Mexico. Squad, after the success of their first game, Kerbal Space Program, went on to create Kerbal Space Program 2.

Initially slated for a 2019 release, Kerbal Space Program 2 went through several delays and was eventually developed using Unreal Engine, with the final release taking place in 2020. The game, as the highly anticipated sequel to the globally renowned scientific spaceflight simulation game, received widespread attention.

Kerbal Space Program 2 emphasized community interaction from the early stages of development, conducting multiple alpha and beta tests to improve the game based on user feedback. Through these processes, the game evolved into a more refined form, ultimately being offered to players through Early Access.

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The development of Kerbal Space Program 2 aims to provide players with diverse and enjoyable content, allowing them to experience scientific flight and space exploration. Continuous updates and upcoming features inject vitality into the community.

To enjoy Kerbal Space Program 2, specific interests and skills are required. The game is a spaceflight simulation where players design, launch, and operate rockets and spacecraft, facing various challenges.

  1. Scientific Curiosity: Understanding and applying scientific principles is crucial in the game. A grasp of basic scientific concepts like rocket engines, spaceflight, and gravity enhances operational efficiency.
  2. Engineering Thinking: Designing rockets and spacecraft demands basic engineering knowledge. The ability to consider factors like gravity, thrust, and fuel consumption is essential for creating stable and efficient spacecraft.
  3. Mathematical Understanding: The ability to perform mathematical calculations for rocket orbits, trajectory calculations, and in-flight mathematical operations is beneficial.
  4. Problem-Solving Skills: The game requires proactive responses to unforeseen problems and challenges. Spacecraft may sustain damage due to unexpected issues, necessitating problem-solving skills.
  5. Creativity and Patience: Building better spacecraft through creativity and patience, learning from failures, and resolving issues through various attempts are essential for success.
  6. Community Participation: The Kerbal Space Program community serves as a valuable resource for sharing experiences and knowledge. Engaging with diverse players enhances the overall gaming experience.

In summary, scientific curiosity, engineering knowledge, mathematical understanding, problem-solving skills, creativity, and patience are necessary. Community participation allows players to gain diverse experiences and knowledge.


Lastly, I’m most excited about this game. If multiplayer functionality is updated later, it could become a game for everyone, an interactive guide to exploring the universe. With numerous updates, it seems like the kind of game whose value cannot be measured. Also, on the day this game was released, the Steam rating was below 50%, with negative reactions. However, after the updates, it’s currently showing over 75% positive reactions. This makes me very hopeful about how much this game will evolve in the future.


I haven’t started or purchased the game that has just begun updating. I’ll consider starting it when many updates have been made, and the YouTube videos make me think about things I want to do in the game. I prefer to experience significant fun rather than minor enjoyment.

The YouTube channel containing all the information about Kerbal Space Program 2 https://www.youtube.com/@ShadowZone

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